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(Mrs Gibb)


John Kay (Mrs Gibb) Edinburgh, 1812 Etching 120 x 45mm

(Self portrait)


John Kay (Self portrait) Edinburgh, c.1790 Etching 120 x 75mm

(Silhouette of a Rider)


Anon (Silhouette of a Rider) London, ca. 1820 Wood engraving 200 x 130 mm

(The Bank of Faith and the New Light)


Samuel De Wilde (pseud Thaumaso Scrutiny) (The Bank of Faith and the New Light) London, S. Tipper June 1st 1808 Etching 180x340mm Trimmed within platemark, slight dust staining, repairs to old folds

(The City Tron-Men, or Chimney sweeps)


John Kay (The City Tron-Men, or Chimney sweeps) Edinburgh, c.1791 Etching 195 x 125mm

(The hopes of the family – an admission at the university)


Thomas Rowlandson After Henry Bunbury

(The hopes of the family – an admission at the university)

London, ca. 1828

Etching and stipple

Original hand colouring

170 x 250 mm


(The Miller and his Horse).


Isaac Cruikshank the Elder after George Moutard Woodward (The Miller and his Horse). Eccentric Excursions or, Literary & Pictorial Sketches of Countenance, Character & Country in different parts of England & South Wales. London, Allen & West 1796-7 Etching Original hand-colouring 265x210mm

(The Unfortunate Lover)


(Carington Bowles) (The Unfortunate Lover) (London, Carington Bowles c. 1785) Mezzotint Original hand-colouring 330x250mm Trimmed to image and within title area and laid onto card

(Three Giants)


John Kay (Three Giants) Edinburgh, 1784 Etching 190 x 165mm

(William IV, when young)


Richard Dighton (William IV, when young) London, c.1808 Etching Original hand colouring 205 x 110mm

.. Gentle Manners, with Affections Mild, in Wit a Man, Simplicity a Child


James Gillray–Gentle manners, with Affections Mild, in Wit a Man, Simplicity a Child..London, H Humphrey Nov. 4th. 1798EtchingOriginal hand colouring260 x 180 mm

…’and would’st thou turn the vile Reproach on me?’


James Gillray—‘ and would’st thou turn the vile Reproach on me ?’London, H. Humphrey Feb. 2nd. 1807EtchingOriginal hand colouring250 x 350 mmTrimmed within platemark, neat repair to top right border, not affecting image.

A Band of Savoyards.


Henry William Bunbury A Band of Savoyards. London, W. Dickinson Sept. 20th 1785 Stipple engraving printed in sepia, by Charles Knight 410x510mm

A Barbers Shop.


Henry William Bunbury

A Barbers Shop.

London, J. Harris April 21st. 1803

Etching & stipple engraving by Charles Knight



A Bazaar


George CruikshankA Bazaar London, J. Johnson June 1st .1816, The ScourgeEtchingOriginal hand colouring215 x 491 mmTraces of old folds as issued.

A Bit of Flattery


Charles WilliamsA Bit of FlatteryLondon, (T. Tegg 1807)EtchingOriginal hand-colouring245x345mm

A Broad Hint


John Doyle (pseud HB) A Broad Hint London T McLean July 18th. 1829 Lithograph Original hand colouring 250 x 340 mm Trimmed close to image at top margin.

A Celebrated Public Orator.


Robert Dighton A Celebrated Public Orator. London, R. Dighton Jan. 1808 Etching Original hand-colouring 285x210mm Trimmed close to right platemark