A large selection of 18th and early 19th. Century caricatures including works by James Gillray, Thomas Rowlandson, The Cruikshank’s, and many more.

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( A Sentry)


Anon ( A Sentry) (London c. 1825) Etching Original hand colouring 135 x 135 mm

( The Prince of Wales)


James Gillray

( The Prince of Wales)

London, H Humphrey, March 10th. 1802


Original hand colouring

230 x 180 mm


(A Gentleman, possibly Mr Gibb)


John Kay (A Gentleman, possibly Mr Gibb) Edinburgh, 1812 Etching 120 x 45mm

(A Persian)


John Kay (A Persian) Edinburgh, 1819 Etching 155 x 105mm

(A Preacher)


John Kay (A Preacher) Edinburgh, 1798 Etching 125 x 90mm

(A scene at Vauxhall Gardens)


Isaac Cruikshank the Elder after George Moutard Woodward (A scene at Vauxhall Gardens) Eccentric Excursions or, Literary & Pictorial Sketches of Countenance, Character & Country in different parts of England & South Wales. London, Allen & West 1796-7 Etchings Original hand-colouring 265x210mm Caricatures taken on Woodward’s extensive tour through England and Wales.

(All the Talents Dismissed)


Samuel De Wilde pseud ‘Thomaso Scrutiny’

(All the Talents Dismissed)

London, S. Tipper February 1st 1808


Original hand colouring

190 x 350 mm

Traces of old folds as issued


(An Officer of the 7th or Queen’s Hussars, taken from Life).


Dennes Dighton (An Officer of the 7th or Queen’s Hussars, taken from Life). London, (1806) Etching Original hand-colouring 315x240mm Trimmed to border and within title

(Beggars Feasting)


John Kay (Beggars Feasting) Edinburgh, 1784 Etching 120 x 185mm

(Captain Robert Packe and Major George Fenwick)


Robert Dighton (Captain Robert Packe and Major George Fenwick) (London, Dighton June 1805) Etching, proof before titles Original hand-colouring 255x185mm

(Colonel Bodens)


James Sayers (Colonel Bodens) London, C Bretherton June 4th. 1782 Etching 180 x 110 mm

(Frontispiece to the Satirist)


Samuel De Wilde pseud ‘Thomaso Scrutiny’ (Frontispiece to the Satirist) London, S Tipper, Leadenhall Street for The Satirist. October 1st, 1807 Engraving (Coloured impression) 180 x 340mm