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(The Miller and his Horse).


Isaac Cruikshank the Elder after George Moutard Woodward (The Miller and his Horse). Eccentric Excursions or, Literary & Pictorial Sketches of Countenance, Character & Country in different parts of England & South Wales. London, Allen & West 1796-7 Etching Original hand-colouring 265x210mm

(The Unfortunate Lover)


(Carington Bowles) (The Unfortunate Lover) (London, Carington Bowles c. 1785) Mezzotint Original hand-colouring 330x250mm Trimmed to image and within title area and laid onto card

(Three Giants)


John Kay (Three Giants) Edinburgh, 1784 Etching 190 x 165mm

(William IV, when young)


Richard Dighton (William IV, when young) London, c.1808 Etching Original hand colouring 205 x 110mm

.. Gentle Manners, with Affections Mild, in Wit a Man, Simplicity a Child


James Gillray–Gentle manners, with Affections Mild, in Wit a Man, Simplicity a Child..London, H Humphrey Nov. 4th. 1798EtchingOriginal hand colouring260 x 180 mm

…’and would’st thou turn the vile Reproach on me?’


James Gillray—‘ and would’st thou turn the vile Reproach on me ?’London, H. Humphrey Feb. 2nd. 1807EtchingOriginal hand colouring250 x 350 mmTrimmed within platemark, neat repair to top right border, not affecting image.

A Band of Savoyards.


Henry William Bunbury A Band of Savoyards. London, W. Dickinson Sept. 20th 1785 Stipple engraving printed in sepia, by Charles Knight 410x510mm

A Barbers Shop.


Henry William Bunbury

A Barbers Shop.

London, J. Harris April 21st. 1803

Etching & stipple engraving by Charles Knight



A Bazaar


George CruikshankA Bazaar London, J. Johnson June 1st .1816, The ScourgeEtchingOriginal hand colouring215 x 491 mmTraces of old folds as issued.

A Bit of Flattery


Charles WilliamsA Bit of FlatteryLondon, (T. Tegg 1807)EtchingOriginal hand-colouring245x345mm

A Broad Hint


John Doyle (pseud HB) A Broad Hint London T McLean July 18th. 1829 Lithograph Original hand colouring 250 x 340 mm Trimmed close to image at top margin.

A Celebrated Public Orator.


Robert Dighton A Celebrated Public Orator. London, R. Dighton Jan. 1808 Etching Original hand-colouring 285x210mm Trimmed close to right platemark